2020 International Symposium on Energy Environment and Green Development
Prof. Cui Zhaojie

Prof. Cui Zhaojie


Prof. Cui Zhaojie

Department of environmental science and engineering, Shandong university,China

Research Area: Environmental planning and management, Cleaner production and circular economy, Coordinated industrial and regional pollution control technology, Environmental monitoring and analysis

Brief introduction of research experience:

Since 1995, focusing on the major needs of cleaner production and circular economy, based on the efficient utilization of resources and coordinated emission reduction of pollution, and centering on the fundamental theories, key technologies, scientific management, policy support and application demonstration of cleaner production and circular economy, I have presided over the national key research and development program of the 13th five-year plan, the national 863 project, the national major water project and the national natural science foundation, and more than 110 projects entrusted by enterprises and institutions at the national and provincial levels. Major research projects under research include,

1.      the national key research and development program of the 13th five-year plan: the research on the common standards of environmental assessment and grading of agricultural products producing areas and protection and improvement.

2.      Major basic research project of natural science foundation of Shandong province in 2018: joint remediation mechanism and risk assessment of heavy metal-organic compound pollution in the contaminated site of Jinan iron and steel co., LTD.

3.      National high technology research and development plan (863 plan) subject: key technology of high efficiency exploitation of deep brine in the Yellow River delta.

4.      Key research and development project of Shandong province in 2019: research and engineering demonstration of key technologies for efficient treatment of regional dust pollution.

5.      The 14th five-year plan project of 2020: a study on the countermeasures for the construction of clean production promotion system and environmental science and technology support system in Shandong province.

6.      National water pollution control and treatment of major science and technology subproject: technology integration of water pollution prevention and control and water quality improvement in tuhaihe river basin and majihe river basin and comprehensive demonstration of "study on the optimization of the prevention and control system of river basin water environment based on river water quality assurance".

7.      Sub-tasks of the project on causes and treatment of heavy air pollution (the prime minister's fund project): comprehensive solution of air pollution in Jinan city, study on the emission inventory of "2 + 26" urban air pollution sources, and study on the source analysis of 2 + 26 cities in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province.

Scientific research project of environmental protection and public welfare industry: remediation technology and demonstration of combined pollution from petroleum and heavy metals in saline soil.